“No Limit” is how we define technical diving – Hollis ambassadors remind us everyday.
Ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds including training, photography and for some simply adventure. They are a select group who continue to share our passion for diving and help others continue or begin their own..



The majority of his diving has been done on weekends in the temperate waters of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria and in the limestone caves of Mt Gambier, South Australia.

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Cave exploration is Tim’s passion. In 2013, at 24 years of age, he became the youngest person to dive to Toad Hall in Cocklebiddy Cave, Western Australia. The cave is world renown for its difficulty due to the amount of equipment required and its physically challenging layout.

As a sidemount instructor, and sidemount as his preferred configuration for cave diving, no passage, crack or tunnel is too small or disinteresting. The exploration side of diving is what initially got Tim into diving and he is always looking for new caves, connections and uncharted underwater passages.

Currently interning to become an instructor with the Cave Divers Association of Australia, (CDAA) Tim hopes that within 5 years he will be teaching divers at the advanced cave level.

Tim is also a PADI MSDT and hopes to be teaching deep technical diving in the near future as well.



Jeff M Loflin has been diving almost every week for the past 30 plus years and still loves every dive.

Jeff is currently the Hollis Regional Sales Manager for the Caribbean, Dive Safety Officer for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, part time PADI Instructor Examiner and Tec Consultant, Former chairman of the board and current member of the National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section/Training Committee.

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Jeff is President of Jeff Loflin Diving that conducts diver training worldwide both in cave and technical diving. Jeff is a commercial and scientific diver and serves on several Public Safety Dive Teams. Jeff has been an Instructor since 1983, PADI Course Director since 1988. Jeff also conducts technical diving courses through PADI, TDI, IANTD, NSS-CDS and ERDI. Jeff has certified over 2000 divers/instructors during his extensive diving career.

His accomplishments also include being the owner/operator of Adventures Underwater a PADI 5 Star I.D.C facility in Tampa, Fl. for 16 years; adjunct faculty member in the Marine Sciences Department at the University of Tampa for 8 years and taught 5 diving courses approved for college credit. Jeff is a certified bridge inspector with the Florida Department of Transportation.

Jeff was the first ambassador for Hollis and is responsible for development of the SMS sidemount product line worldwide. He has been to over 20 counties and all over the United States educating others. Jeff is also responsible for authoring the first PADI sidemount specialty and his goal of bringing sidemount from cave to open water has come full circle.




A pioneering underwater explorer and film maker, Jill Heinerth has dived deeper into caves than any woman in history. With a collection of magnificent images, from inside Antarctic icebergs to crystal underwater cathedrals, Jill shares a glimpse of a breathtaking world few will experience in person.

Jill’s photography and writing have been featured in prominent publications and major media outlets around the world. She regularly contributes to the development of training materials for international dive organizations, and is the author of three books on cave diving and underwater photography.

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Jill’s photography and writing have been featured in prominent publications and major media outlets around the world. She regularly contributes to the development of training materials for international dive organizations, and is the author of three books on cave diving and underwater photography.

With her creative collaborator, the late Wes Skiles, Jill wrote, produced, and appeared in numerous underwater adventure films and television programs, including the award winning PBS documentary series “Water’s Journey.” She has been called upon by Hollywood producers as a diving technical consultant and camera operator and produces independent film projects through her company Heinerth Productions Inc.

Jill Heinerth’s accolades include induction to the inaugural class of the Women Diver’s Hall of Fame, being named Canadian Technical Diver of the Year and being recognized as a Fellow of the National Speleological Society and Explorer’s Club. Recognizing a lifetime devoted to water advocacy, Jill was recently awarded the Sea Hero of the Year Award by Scuba Diving Magazine. In 2011 she received the Wyland Icon Award recognizing her passion for protecting the underwater world. She shares that honor with past recipients including Dr. Sylvia Earle, Robert Ballard and Rachel Carson. Jill’s formal education includes a degree in Fine Arts in Visual Communications and Design, and she has successfully combined her love for the underwater world with her artistic talent, leading to scores of photography and filmmaking awards.

Jill’s life passion is educating the public about fresh water issues. She brings her unique perspective from deep inside the earth, helping us understand that our activities on the surface affect not only our drinking water, but also the health of rivers, lakes and ultimately the world’s oceans. Teaching people about their interconnectivity with the natural world, Jill’s current project, titled “We Are Water” combines documentary filmmaking, live presentations and social media.

Born in Canada, Jill lives with her husband Robert, in North Florida, where she starts most days with a refreshing swim in the clear water of her local spring.

Jill can be contacted through her website:



Jonas has taught over 2000 recreational and technical diving instructors, and a total of over 5000 divers, and has been a leader in the dive industry for almost 20 years and has been operating some of the largest dive centers in the world.

Jonas is a technical instructor trainer, with a record depth of 185 meters, and loves to explore deep caves and wrecks all around the world.

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Multi-award winning PADI Platinum Course Director and Trimix technical instructor trainer.

Jonas also has a background as a diving journalist and contributed with articles in many diving magazines since 1994 and been writing three distinctive Technical Specialty Courses. Jonas has played a vital role as mentor for many current PADI Course Directors in their pursuit of becoming an Instructor Trainers. Jonas was a part of the team that started the Swedish diving magazine UVM Undervattenmagasinet (1994)

Jonas moved to Dahab, Egypt in 2010 to be part of the foundation of Team Blue Immersion Tech which specialize in Tech Diving, Deep U/W Photo and Diving Expeditions. Prior to moving to the Red Sea Jonas lived in Thailand where he worked as an operational manager and instructor trainer while building the largest diving center in the world with over 70 full-time instructors employed. He created innovative programs like “Change of Lifestyle” which became a world wide adapted program for divers seeking a career in diving. During his period in Thailand Jonas fostered and mentored over 20 Master Instructor to become Course Directors.

Jonas, while being Operational Manager, was awarded for operating the fastest growing dive center in the world by achieving over 100,000 diver certification in less than 20 years – the first dive center to reach that goal in the history of diving to date.

Jonas Samuelsson and his friend and collegue, freediver Akim Adhari, are the founders of Blue Immersion which is a team of the world’s leading freedivers and technical divers. Blue Immersion’s Technical Diving Section is operated in partnership with Erik Brown (Trimix Instructor/Photographer) and Aron Daniel Arngrimsson (Technical Instructor/Videographer).

Jonas was the Dive Leader for Expedition Iceland – Project Hamilton in June 2011. The team managed to beat the Icelandic depth record twice in two weeks, discover a previously unknown hotspring system at 70 meters and be the first team to dive the US Coast Guard Cutter Alexander Hamilton since it sank 30 miles outside Reykjavik 70 years ago.

Jonas and Team Blue Immersion took over the ownership and operation of the leading Technical Diving Center in the Red Sea, in February 2012. Jonas is now based in Dahab as the Technical Diving Director for the Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical and focus on teaching technical diving instructors, filming at depth exceeding 100 meters, organizing expedition to explore areas noone ever dived, and working to develop equipment and diving procedures to make technical diving safer by creating new products and writing courses. Jonas ultimate goal is by filming and diving showing divers and non-divers the beauty and diversity of parts of the ocean rarely seen and by doing that increasing the awareness and to motivate us all to preserve the wonders of the deep.

Hollis Gear is pleased to announce that Jonas and Team Blue Immersion are the latest addition to our ambassador program. We believe our partnership will include an exciting journey yet to come. Stay tuned.


Víctor Córdoba was born in Valencia at the Spanish mediterranean coast, during his bachelor degree in biochemistry  a friend introduced him to diving, and since then diving became the most important part of his life.

Once finished his bachelor degree he did a Marine Biology master and became military diver and commercial diver, any experience in all types of diving was welcomed.

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Soon, he realized the best way to share his passion for diving was teaching others and he was good at it. He became diving instructor in several agencies and worked as instructor in several diving centers. Later he opened his own diving center in Spain but he wanted more and sold it to travel to Mexico, where he found his passion, cave diving. He was working there as training Director for one of the biggest operation in the Caribbean traveling and teaching diving instructors in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica for 10 years.

He is a PADI Course Director, Trimix, and Sidemount Trainer. Also Full Cave Diver and CCR hypoxic trimix instructor for several agencies.

Now he is back in Spain and works freelance. You can find him diving his favorite cave in Spain (Moraig Cave) or teaching in Spain, France, Italy, Belgium or Canary Islands sharing his passion for technical diving.


BillColtart Bill Coltart was first trained as a SCUBA diver over 25 years ago in the beautiful waters of Vancouver Island, Canada where he was born and raised. A Cave Explorer, Film Maker and Technical Diving Instructor, Bill has been teaching Rebreather and Technical Diving for over fifteen years, in addition to running a busy Dive Centre and Charter operation.

Bill has filmed for various Television and Film projects including A&E’s “Walking amongst the Sharks”, Tokyo Broadcastings “Amazing Animals”, BBC’s “Land of the Mammoth”, PBS’ “Mystery Alaska” and most recently the reality TV series “Ice Road Truckers”. In addition to teaching and filming, he is a regular contributor to various diving publications.

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Together with his wife Sharon, they routinely lead groups of divers to various International Destinations. He also works as a Paramedic for the British Columbia Ambulance Service and for the past ten years has served as the Medical and Safety Supervisor for International Freediving competitions, helping to pioneer groundbreaking safety protocols and standards allowing for numerous depth records to be set.

Utilizing his medical expertise, Bill has served on the Advisory Panel and as response coordinator for the Canadian Medical Assistance Teams and has volunteered during International Disasters in Indonesia, Pakistan, Haiti, Bangladesh, Japan and the US Gulf Coast. He is often called on by the UN to teach disaster response and coordination courses to various aid agencies. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the British Columbia Dive Association as well as volunteering with the BC Cave Rescue Association.

Bill is part of a group of explorers currently surveying and documenting the longest underwater cave in Canada, located in the mountain ranges of Northern Vancouver Island.



Filippo Molina born in the north of Italy made his first breath underwater on 2001. Like for many people was just a funny game. Doing scuba diving trips around the world, soon scuba diving became a passion but also a job. Since 2005 hes diving almost everyday.

After four years spent working in Italy and Mediterranean Sea he decided to move to the hot and colored Sinai Peninsula (Egypt) where he spent another four years. Staying abroad and making great experiences and meeting great scuba diving professionals Filippo increased his knowledge.

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Already involved in the PADI professional training since 2006 hes now a freelance PADI Course Director and spend the whole year training people and helping them to become well prepared scuba diving professionals.

Comeback in Italy and Europe hes now Training manager for some PADI 5 stars IDC centers but hes also involved in the Technical / Trimix, Sidemount courses and recently Rebreather training too. His languages skills give him the opportunity to develop his market in Italy and abroad too.

Filippo is Hollis Ambassador since 2014 and we do believe he will do a great job in the italian field. His mission To transform passions into opportunities.

To contact Filippo Molina: